Tatton Grey Friar puts on a good show

Tatton's Shire horse competes in his first show!

Three year old Tatton Greyfriar has been preparing hard for his first National Shire Horse show.

The Shire Horse Spring Show in Peterborough represents the largest gathering of Shire Horses in the UK and quite possibly the world, where over 200 Shire horses are featured, expertly presented in traditional dress.

Tatton Greyfriar is the beloved son of Blossom, Tatton's blue roan Clydesdale mare.  The Clydesdale breed is classed as “at risk” on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watchlist but Blossom is doing her best to help preserve this magnificent breed. In 2006, she had her first foal, Tatton Jubilee Jester (JJ for short) and is a natural mum. She has since had three further foals, Tatton Talisman in 2007, Tatton Tabitha in 2008 and Tatton Grey Friar in 2010.

Tatton Grey Friar was placed a respectable 8th place in a very large class of 3 year old geldings competing in the National Shire Horse show in Peterborough. He looked absolutely amazing and never put a hoof wrong over the whole weekend!


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